As a hairstylist for many years now I think this may be the number question I get asked by my clients and readers alike. The age old question of how long is too long to wear a weave? I've always wondered why that was a question because I thought that naturally you would want to see your hair every now and again to asses how it's growing. After all isn't the ultimate goal of wearing a weave to grow your hair? But as I've learned each and every time I'm asked how long should a person wear a weave no one is really concerned with this but me as the stylist. 

So, how long should you wear your weave???

For me personally I don't wear a weave longer than 6 weeks, yes that's not a typo 6 weeks! And, I don't want to see in the comments that you trying to get your monies worth that's why you wear it for 3, 4, 5 and 6 months. Now I'm not passing judgement or implying anything here I just simply want you to know what I do to myself as a stylist and why.

To answer your question do I install my weaves myself yes but don't get it twisted just because I'm not paying with cash I am paying with time with that being said there is a form of investment and the fact that when I take it down I have to do it all over again is another story. 

6 weeks.... yes 6 and only 6 and I will give you the list of reasons why below:

1. By 6 weeks time my scalp is itching so bad that I swear every evening that a bug of some sorts has made a nest inside my weave! ( I take it down just to be sure that I don't need to spray raid on my scalp! LMAO) 

2. My new growth is has caused the weave to hang on the anchor braids. (Anchor braids are the braids that begin around the hair line or your leave out) With the hanging is the potential for snapping and breaking of the hair strands. 

3. Each time I wash my weave which is every 2 weeks as much as I rinse the shampoo and conditioner that I used has left build up on my braids and that needs to be washed out and the hair needs a deep cleansing treatment to prevent the hair from becoming lifeless and dull. 

4. Where my hair is parted needs a break, have you ever thought your part looked wide? Chances are if your parting in the same place it is. When I take my weave down which I generally part down the middle I part on either side when wearing my natural hair. 

5. My ends need to be trimmed, I wear weaves for vacation or to regrow my hair. For the second time in my career I had to wear a weave for an entire year to regrow my hair the first time was about 13 years ago when I first started I was coloring my hair from red to black and accidentally used 40 vol instead of 10 need I say more. The second time was last year unlike the first time it wasn't anything I did it was due to a physical change after major surgery. 

For those of you who wear weaves all the time there's nothing wrong with that, weaves are fun they're versatile and they're so Yonce! There's nothing wrong with wearing weaves whats wrong is the amount of time you choose to wear them. 

How long should you wear your weave? 6 weeks 

Whats the longest you should leave a weave in? 8 weeks max.