So lets get to it immediately I switched again to another booking site for several reasons but the main reason is because........

I am a stylist who solely books online, I do not book over the phone, over Instagram, on Facebook or via email and I'll tell you why TIME. Just like most of my clients I am a busy woman in the salon as a business owner, as well as, a hair stylist and not to mention I'm a newly wed. I absolutely do not have the time to take phone calls, go back n forth messaging over social media platforms. Now this may seem rude or may not be your cup of tea as a client to have a stylist that other than in the chair you're unable to chit chat with. However, I pose the question to my clients and ask would they be ok with me stopping and starting during their service to answer a potential client or potential appointment is attempted to be booked? More often than not the answer is no, with that if you dont want your service interrupted why should another clients appointment be interrupted? 

Now lets get into my other reasons why I use online booking and why I switched from Styleseat to Vagaro and now to Acuity

1. Time, as stated in the beginning of the post I simply don't have the time, but also my clients have the ability to book 24/7 365. 

2. Booking deposit requirement, A booking deposit is your insurance to be placed on my books with out guessing if and when your appointment is. A booking deposit insures that my availability is in real time, before my booking deposit requirement I would on average have 2-5 reschedules, no shows and or cancellations in a week what this did was show my availability based on client attendance. This to me was the most unfair because who can show up to a salon the very minute another client is cancelling? 

3. Professionalism, online booking breeds professionalism in the client along with the stylist and here's how. First by showing a set schedule and what appointments and services are available accompanied by photos of the stylist work with a detailed description of the services. secondly by the client taking the time to read and select the service that they would like to have, now I'm not saying sometimes clients don't book the wrong things because they do but its the interactions and becoming apart of the process of their haircare that to me breeds client professionalism as well. 

4. Tracking I can track my most popular services, clients I haven't seen in a while, weekly and monthly totals the list goes on and on so I love online booking for this. 

5. Lastly it gives me the opportunity to showcase all the services I offer, often times we all including my clients get stuck in a time warp or on a particular style when they have the opportunity to see my services new and old they generally tend to try more including color. 

I strongly recommend Acuity Scheduling for anyone that owns a business that books time based appointments I have yet to find a site that meets all my needs like Acuity.