Natural Hair Straightening

This week on Salon Weekly 

I decided to speak on and make a special announcement about pressing also known as silk pressing, my clients posted in the photo above has natural hair no perms or hair color the hair is just simply pressed out. So why did I decided to making pressing a topic worth conversing? 

For the past few months and even years now that I think about it every client new and old (including the clients who sneak and go to other stylist) have all informed me that I am one of the a few or the only stylist that knows how to press. Now I am not that conceited about my work where I feel I am the ONLY stylist that knows how to do anything so I'm aware it's an overstatement yet also somewhat true. 

For example a client of mine who's hair I’ve been doing since I’ve been doing hair told me that she recently went to a stylist in the Inland Empire who's been in the business for 20 years and had the most horrific experience plus she left with a little burnt piece of hair right smack in the front. She was desperate to find out if it was just her hair that's hard to press because she didn't want to cause a fuss in the salon where she didn't really know any one. My answer to her was in my opinion her hair isn't hard at all to press.  

Now I am not perfect I've had 1 yes only 1 person who's press didn't last, however, her hair was the most damaged hair I have ever seen in my entire career. Seriously, so why is that no one seems to know how to press? That's an easy answer, because they don't press! Electric flat irons, full head weaves with closures and frontals have taken the industry by storm. In the midst of the storm skills were lost or never gained to begin with. 

With that being said I will be launching Sharp Beauty Lounge SBLAcademy among the classes on the menu silk press will be one of them. This is nothing to be ashamed of I have attended several classes over the years and I attend at minimum 4 classes per year as a personal goal to keep my skills fresh and up to date. 

If you know a stylist or are a stylist yourself please email me at sharpcutzncolor@gmail.com for more information.