Hair trimming is it necessary? Can I wait until the next time? I don't think I need a trim, Didn't you cut my hair last time? These are among the many replies I get when a conversation of trimming arises, So lets talk about hair trims and if they're truly the question......

I won't begin the discussion stating how many years Ive been doing hair I'm sure you all know just like my clients who sit in my chair know so lets get to the heart of the matter. My first question is why someone wouldn't want their ends trimmed I mean if you think about it the hair that is currently at your roots will one day be at your ends. It would have lived through countless shampoo's and blowdries, vigorous brushing and combing, coloring, straightening, curling, wanding, weaving and braiding. After all this wouldn't you think it would be damaged, weak and perhaps dry?

I'm always sort of offended at the reaction of my clients when I say the a trim is in order, it's like as if somehow trimming ends will extends my life and shorten theirs. Seriously, I'm not kidding and the only thing I'm trying to do is give their hair the best treatment I possibly can as their stylist.

To trim or not to trim that is the question, here are the signs I look for as a stylist that will answer that God forbidden question:

1. While washing the hair it becomes overly tangled with extreme shedding.

2. During the conditioning process the hair is difficult to comb out and continuing to shed.

3. Blowdrying isn't as smooth as it should be the ends are snapping and become dry while the rest of the hair is still wet.

4. Pressing the hair is challenged by tangled ends and the hair is dull accompanied with flyaways

5. This is the part where I suggest to the client that trim is best, I examine the hair before finish styling and at the ends I can basically see through them because the majority of the ends have broken off.

As you can see I'm not just simply cutting the ends because I've looked at the calendar and noticed that 6 weeks has gone by, frankly many of my clients need a trim once a month. Examining the hair is key as a stylist hair health is the number one priority.

Is there something that can prevent the ends from splitting? I'm afraid not but they can be kept under control by simply trimming them. To Trim OR Not To Trim that is the question.....