What a soon to be year and what a ride, Marriage is something beautiful and something as hard as you try you are in no way prepared for the drastic change in your lives as a couple. I think this is God’s was of revealing to you the secret and sanctity or marriage. I can remember listening to my friends who were married and hearing their conversations all while thinking what’s the big deal I have those same issues, arguments, struggles and good times with my boyfriend. But, I soon found out that yes absolutely there’s a difference and if you don’t agree, well you simply just don’t agree.

As I’ve gotten older and wiser I do not try to get anyone not even my husband to see and agree with my point of view. Which leads me to my first success I think Deon and I have accomplished we allow each other to think freely! His opinions aren’t mine and mine aren’t his while we do agree on many things we also disagree. These things don’t cause fights although they could if we lacked respect for one another.

Our relationship is continuing to evolve and the main stressor is home ownership if you live in Los Angeles then you know the housing market is nuts, nukin futs as my sister would say. With that being said our ideas of where to live, when to buy, how to decorate and the list goes on and on cases stress for me IDK about Deon he’s usually the more chill one.

Because, of home ownership being our top priority right now Deon totally hates on my wishes to travel every time I mention traveling his eyes roll, he stops breathing and immediately checks out of the conversation. I NEED an annual vacation I mean I work way too hard not to. This year we almost didn’t go I had to throw a temper tantrum just to get to Mexico.

Which is where were going for our anniversary, after my temper tantrum and Deon giving in I will admit I did feel bad but aye a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do! So, Mexico here we come! In my travel post I’ll be posting my luggage and clothing selections some new some gently used. It’s a 5 day all inclusive resort destination in Mexico can you guys guess what part?