So who really changes dresses on the day of their wedding (raises hands high and shouts ME!!!!!) I will admit I did go a little just a little over board with my wedding dress shopping but I made it so worry and hassle free that I just felt the bridal spirit move me to purchase not 1, not 2 but 3 dresses yes 3. But, wait with such a hectic day how and would I find the time to change?

In the next few weeks and heck months I'm going to go over all things wedding but I chose this post first because it was my favorite thing of the prep and wedding day! Deon is the LOVE OF MY LIFE with that being said I wanted to go all out for our wedding. I would have changed every hour if I could have LOL.

How does one incorporate dress changes?

1. Your coordinator should know well in advance that you have dress changes she will notify the needed vendors like your photographer and DJ who will be announcing you at each change along with taking pictures of each look.

2. All dresses need to be fitted, altered and dry cleaned so that they are ready to be literally jumped into. Seriously time is limited you will not have time for malfunctions or changing undergarments believe me you won't.

3. The dresses really need to be dresses you love and adore if they aren't you might not even really change into them. I loved all three dresses equally and wanted to definitely wear all three.

4. Have Day of Coordinator or Wedding Coordinator incorporate dress changes on the schedule this way she is also aware of time and can pull your maids to help you if needed for changes.

Below is my actual day of schedule of which we totally didn't follow as far a time wise but as I stated in the first my photographer, DJ and DOC knew I was changing it was just a matter of altering the time to the schedule.

Wedding Schedule

Wedding schedule

Check out the day of time line

Stay tuned for part two of our day of love along with views of me in my dresses with an added surprise…