Organization. Seriously.


Life if you aren't careful it will have you all over the place, recently I had the pleasure of experiencing this first hand. It was like this huge project I needed to finish with the salon and it took over everyday, off days, morning thoughts and evening relaxation. I was stuck and could hardly do my usual daily task.

Then of course it finally dawned on me that I have about 1000 notebooks with list of things to do along with one of my favorite motivational IG accounts printables on how to manage your life and every single aspect of it.

Recently a client asked do I ever run out of energy I was taken by surprise being that I have been struggling lately to make it happen. But this question she asked showed me that from the outside looking in it appears that I have an unlimited amount of energy and get things done. This also highlighted another key point, my struggle was and is temporary.

Before 5 AM is an IG account that I suggest to anyone who wants to get to the next level to follow. "The Blueprint" is the latest offering from Creator Joe Duncan it is a step by step guide to break down what I'm struggling with and that's life in every aspect. You really have to be bold and step out and say "I do not have all the answers, I do not know how to do every single thing!" and the list goes on and on. However! I am willing to get up early and put into practice steps that will help me become more organized and I will then in turn achieve more goals and live life instead of life running me!

I encourage you to jump out there and be vulnerable to yourself and get organized your goals are waiting for you to achieve them!

Chevon Langston