So I know what your thinking I was thinking the samething too are you cray cray? I mean youre 40 how many workout plans and diet plans are you actually going to try? As many as I need to try until I find out what sticks and works. Like most women I desire the body I never appreciated you now that 20 something body yeah that one. But, at this point I know that my 20 something metabolism and energy have flown out the 40 year old window.

Where do we go from here? We go get help listen I’m overspending already on starbucks small carmel macchiatos with light carmel drizzle and a cinnamon raison bagel at $7 per day multiply the by 30 and you get $210 and I won’t even include the amount of weight Ive gained. The money I spent on this plan that I can not only do at home but also do at the gym is way less expensive and I have nothing to lose but inches off my waist and arms because these are my PROBLEM areas.

I’m often asked how tall I am along with how much I weigh and to be honest I hate telling because no one ever believes me like ever and its so frustrating. I am 5’ 11” and some change basically 6 feet I weigh about 185 pounds yes 185 ponds please dont write in my comments that you cant tell if i had a dollar for every time I heard that phrase I would be richer than Bill Gates. I’m sick of it but more importantly I’m sick of the low energy and wishing my body was like it used to be.

We are going to do something about it and when I say we I mean the Beyonce Me, Myself and I version of we. For you I recommend what is best for you!

Starting tomorrow or Thursday depending on when I receive my custom diet plan I will begin my quest yes I know the holidays are coming but so is 41!

Interested in joining in with me? Sign up with vshred or any other and lets get these bodies good and together.