Mexico has to be one of the most unique places Ive had the pleasure of visiting on several different occasions, in different places, different stages of my life and for obvious different reasons. I can remember the first time I went I believe of was 22 maybe 23 and we headed out to Rosarito for the typical college spring break. Another time it was Cancun at an all inclusive resort as the only “Single” guest for my Brother-in-law’s 40th birthday bash. Next was my first vacation as a couple with Deon Cabo San Lucas for an entire week at the gorgeous Dreams resort.

Cabo was our first trip to mexico together and with the planning of a travel agent we didnt have to do anything while we were there it was heaven. Our trip was so amazing it actually was the theme of our wedding Mexican Romance from our decorations (we had pinatas) to our food. All in all I think its safe to say we love Mexico. For our 1st year anniversary we wanted to recapture the magic, the relaxation and the romance from our first fun filled Mexican vacation. And, boy oh boy we did Puerto Vallarta was our 2nd stop together in Mexico and my 4th alone if it’s not on your bucket list it should be!


Resorts are for the lazy I’m serious and I mean that in a totally bougie way if you’ve taken a peep into our Switzerland trip this was the polar opposite of our 12 day every two day change cities with multiple train rides and excursions. Food is in no way short or hard to find at the Hyatt Ziva along with an array of variety. Every day we dinned somewhere different.

So lets get the logistics of the trip out the way:

6 day 5 nights stay at the Hyatt Ziva, Puerto Vallarta, Our plane departed at 10 and we arrived at about 4 once through customs and the 30 min cab ride to our resort. The airport transfer was included in our all inclusive package as were the airline tickets. My travel agent is so good she even booked our seats because she knows Deon is 6’6 we need leg room! Upon arrival our first room wasn’t the best so we notified the staff and were promptly shown another room but on a higher floor in the far corner the view was AMAZING!

Breakfast in bed, on the balcony or down in the delicious restaurants were your options, see what I mean lazy and I so love it! We only planned one yes one excursion which was handled by the sister company in mexico used by my travel agent he sent him to visit us the following morning to ensure our accommodations were up to par and to plan our excursions. So with only one day off the resort we opted for afternoons at the pools and under the cabanas on the beach. My legs are unfortunately still peeling from falling asleep on the beach.

The first pool was for everyone kids included the second photo is of the adults only pool which we opted to go in after the first day. While kids are fun this wasn’t that type of vacay for us, seriously the splashing and screaming alone had my nerves on edge. BTW Deon said our next resort will be ADULTS ONLY LOL!

The resort at night is a lover paradise it is romantic from every possible angle we stayed out late every night…

Our evenings consisted of getting ready after a long day of sun bathing and swimming eating delicious food and watching the sunset on the balcony of our favrite bar at the resort called The Sunset Bar. There’s also a 24 hour deli with a barista and coffee was like water for us we practically lived there at any random time of the day we’d run and get coffee. I think they ran out of carmel because of my dozen or so carmel macchiatos.

Honey the food, food, and more food! Most mornings the buffet was the place to be but we also ate at Blaze which is their Brazilian themed restaurant which is nestled near a cliff over looking the beach its a giant cabana so the sound of the ocean while I ate my chicken mole enchiladas and over medium eggs was a dream. The Buffet was our second favorite place for breakfast can you say bottomless mimosas, that’s what i had for breakfast here accompanied with my own version of chilaquiles.


Just looking at this photo makes me wanna cry and my mouth water, I’ll get to the crying part later. I wanna tell you about the wonderful day of our excursion. We opted to do a 3 part boat ride, snorkeling, private beach with a seaside lunch trip. The boat left out at about 7 AM we had to report to the port at 8 AM The boat was a catamaran that held only 25 people it wasn’t too big and it wasn’t too small. The captain wanted to know who had special occasions we were celebrating and not only were Deon and I on the excursion the day of our anniversary but some fellow travelers were celebrating a birthday! So he invited us up on the deck to have vip seats in the shade!

The ride was very smooth and took about an hour to get out to the beach were we’d have manual and power snorkeling, paddle boarding and private beach access to drink and chill. If you know Deon and I and have read our previous travel post then you know we snorkeled! Both manual and power, we really didnt chill on the beach since it was our only excursion we maxed out on being in the water and soaking up the adventure!

Now to the crying part, A year ago when I got married i weighed in at 172, now keep in mind I’m 6 feet tall. Well upon arrival back from Puerto Vallarta after seeing photos of myself which I promptly deleted I weighed myself and I was 190 OMFG yes 1 damn 90. How did that happen well, it didnt happen just in Puerto Vallarta it happen over the course of the year. Head over to my fitness post to see how i’ve lost 11 pounds in just 8 days. My birthday goal it to be at minimum 172.

PS my birthday is July 24th.

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