By now you know Deon and I will wake up at the crack of dawn on our travel days and this day was no different it was Monday July 23rd the day before my big day and we were excited after all the Glacier Express was one of the highlights of the trip. Viewing the country of Switzerland thus far had been great but we knew this train would take it to the next level. We were up at 5 AM showers, packing and breakfast at about 6:30 (we were 30 min early) so another morning walk with just enough time to canvas the immediate surroundings of our hotel without the rain. Of course the weather would be perfect the day of our departure.

Here’s a look at our days Itinerary

After breakfast we checked out and headed back to the train station, the train ride would be approximately 5 hours. I’m 6 feet and Deon is 6’5 so sitting for that long can be challenging for us but first let me just say this has got to be the equivalent of flying on a private plane everything from the spacious seating, the first class service, the views from the window seats and so much more it was a ride that I truly enjoyed. But, I will say this as we got into the higher elevation of the train ride I did get a little nauseous but that did pass. I felt so good before the end of the train ride that I even ate and let me tell you absolutely delicious!

The views the views the views, now this train travels at such a high speed there was no way that we could have taken photos even with an expensive camera. Below is the route we took during our 5 hour tour on the Glacier Express from St. Moritz to Andermatt.

Once in a Lifetime Journey

Upon arrival to Andermatt we were surprised to see that this was a very small town nothing like Zurich or St. Moritz. With our suitcases there was no way we could venture around because of the roads they were similar to cobblestone. We called the travel agency we used in Switzerland and they were able to get a hold of the hotel owners father who lived in town and came to pick us up. The look on his face said it all we again were reminded that we packed too much.

Once we arrived to the hotel we entered the code to get in the door and our room keys with an envelope were there. The father of the hotel owner showed us to our room and made sure we had everything we need and headed out. Soon after he left Deon banged his head so hard on the 6 foot high ceiling in the room of the 200 year old home tuned hotel. And pics were a no go I sat quietly as he vented and attempted to calm himself down.

I won’t lie to you while it was small and a low ceiling it was so Swiss and gorgeous I felt like I was back in time in a different space and time.

After the unfortunate experience of being too tall for our hotel room we ventured out for a walk walking around the city and seeing what we could get into besides eating LOL. There really wasn't much to do after we arrived the town of Andermatt is booming like St. Moritz in the winter. But, trust me when I say Deon and I made the most of our 24 hours! We strolled through the city and walked until we just couldn’t walk anymore, even stopping in the COOP store for water and a few other toiletries. We stopped in the room to change shoes and jackets because it did get a bit chilly in the evening.

Dinner was at Toutoune the gentleman who owned the restaurant saw Deon and I walking around when we first got there he spoke to us and invited us to eat so we went just based on the friendly hospitality. We had Humus for appetizer that was so fresh and delicious I wanted more but we ordered some pasta dishes. I got smoked salmon pasta which is pretty popular and Deon got a cheese blend penne pasta it was so good! we were full but saw a women we met earlier in the day that was good friends with the hotel owners go figure and she told us about a bar that was really fun so we stopped in there.

Pinte Pub Club was lets just say we stayed a while had several beers with some guys from England one was named Barry and he was from Plymouth Barry if you’re reading this please message me! One mistake Deon and I made was all the fun people we met along the way we totally failed at exchanging at least instagram accounts with them these were two of the coolest guys who were on a bike trip from Switzerland to Italy and from Italy they were going back to England. Our conversations were from politics of course to business working across the pond, european hotels verses American and so on and so on. We had so much fun just relaxing and enjoying cold brews it was the highlight of the 24 hours.

We went back to the hotel and Deon decided earlier that day we went taking the Glacier express to Zermatt because it was my birthday and he wanted to get there as early as possible to celebrate. Our travel agency again to the rescue, we got another train at about 8AM and wed arrive in Zermatt at noon so we have the entire day to chill and then head to the Swiss version of Benihana’s for my birthday dinner. So bed time was about 2 AM we woke up at about 6 showered and had breakfast.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 5.09.34 PM.png

Deon disappeared for about 30 mintues and came back with a Birthday card I thought it was the sweetest thing! we were headed back to the train station in the hotel owners fathers car LMAO and on our way to Zermatt in a regular train but I wasn’t going to complain Deon had something special planned for me I could feel it!

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