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Our day began at about 5:30 AM yes 5:30 AM Deon is a morning person I have become one since being with him, but trust me sometimes I’m the waking of a sleeping giant I don’t know how he deals with me. We wanted to both shower get our bags together and ready, I mean who knew that changing clothes and pulling out pajamas would turn your suit case topsy turvey? Our complimentary breakfast started at 7 and we kinda didnt know what to expect so if it was an issue with us not really wanting breakfast at the hotel we still had time to go somewhere else.

Breakfast to our surprise was lovely they had everything you could think of; bread, yogurt, fresh fruit, cereal, deli meat and the list went on and on the only problem we had was trying to not look like greedy Americans.

After breakfast we decided to walk to the train station with out our suitcases just to see if it was doable because after all who really wants to walk around on the first travel day with 2 pieces of luggage each in a foreign country? We definitely didn’t we saw the Zurich opera house and square and then got lost looking for the train station but luckily it was still very early so at that point we were like Uber it is!

Now we aren’t the scary type so while we did get lost on our way to the train station we were still down to walk back to the hotel there was some bread croissants to be exact that needed to be walked off. After check out which is extremely easy we were in the Uber and headed to the train station.

Our driver ended up taking us to the main train station so we didn’t end up taking the train we that was on our program which would have taken us to the Zurich Main train station saving us about 10 minutes. Let me just say nervous wasn’t even the emotion I felt like a fish out of water and my two suitcases didn’t help the extra 10 minutes was a blessing!

Below is the program for the day with all the trains and hotel info along with a little blurb of information on the State of St Moritz.

Ok so we got on the first train the IC 3 headed to Chur and then from Chur we switched trains and got on the IR 1137 with direction to St Moritz here’s what both the trains looked like and then I’ll get into the travel passes of which we went all in and for first class and it was so worth it!

Just like in the YouTube video of my previous post we opted for the Swiss travel pass which was an excellent choice the transportation systems puts our to shame! By the second train I was ok and kinda felt like even if we missed a train their technology and the amount of trains they had on operation we’d be fine just arriving a few minutes later than the program stated. But we we’re on time and good to go.

I can not express enough how you can end up with a crook in your neck from looking out the window in awe of the country side, small villages, churches, cows and water. It was the most beautiful train ride I’d ever been on.

Here are the some photos we captured on our 3+ hour train ride……

These photos were taken with my iPhone 8S which is challenging the train is moving very fast and there’s always a glare off the window but IU had to capture it. I’ll admit I read a pin on pinterest that specifically said don’t even try it but I just couldn’t not try BTW this was my only train ride where I attempted this!

Up next our arrival in St Moritz and what we did our two days there!