I can not begin to tell you how amazing this year has been for me and my family. 2018 will go down as one of the best years ever! One of the amazing things besides getting married has to be our honeymoon. Whenever someone asks, “Where did you go?” and we reply “Switzerland!” there's a look of WOW and confusion. Confusion in the sense of Switzerland really why Switzerland?

4 years ago when Deon and I first lived together we had this cool channel through AT&T Uverse called WE and it stood for a wealth of entertainment. It was a 24/7 travel channel that we enjoyed watching everyday at least one of the show that would come on. We both noticed this commercial that kept running about a contest for a North American travel blogger to host a show highlighting summer activities in Switzerland. I just kinda drew us in we watched the entries and couldn't wait to see who won.

The show was called "Lights, Camera, Switzerland," I can remember like it was yesterday missing the first showing so our precious DVR saved the day and there it was this magnificent showcase of this gorgeous country that seemed unreal. I mean I cant stress how captivating it was, once the show was over we both looked at each other in awe and I immediately told Deon we've gotta go there.

Fast forward to 2018 and how Switzerland became our honeymoon destination, I was planning my 40th birthday in September after returning from Cabo for Deon's 50th birthday and dammit it was going to be Switzerland I couldn't wait anymore but this time we had watched the show at least a dozen times or more. By November we had our airline tickets and by December we had through my fabulous travel agent our itinerary and we were officially going. Well, about a week after that Deon proposed.

After the whirlwind of being engaged he asked me one day, "Would you mind if our honeymoon and your birthday were on the same trip?" I immediately thought what a great idea! We wouldn't have to plan or take off more time than we already were because Switzerland was a 2 week vacation.

I'd first love for you to check out the actual show it is about 48 minutes but once you start watching you won't want to turn it off I promise and you get to follow along with us on our journey through the beautiful country of Switzerland through our photos and video because we had the same exact itinerary!