The first day of the program included our 12 hour flight from Los Angeles, the company we used to set up the 2 week travel itinerary made sure we had everything we needed for the entire trip at the time of check in to the first hotel. This was great because we didn't need to remember to print and bring it with us it was 1 less thing to worry about (although I did print it out).

Screenshot 2018-10-30 14.15.06.png

Hotel Seegraten below is a photo of our actual hotel room it was cute and cozy I think we laid down for about 30 minutes after we arrived and wanted to make the most of our evening in Zurich because the next day we were catching a train to St. Moritz. 

For dinner we had Thai yes Thai food yelp if your best friend even when traveling abroad, I think Deon and I both agreed without saying that we weren't going to cheat ourselves by eating in our hotels after all we would have breakfast at every hotel for the entire 2 weeks free so that was enough LOL. Our first dinner in Switzerland was at Tiffins we ordered shrimp pad tai and chicken fried rice which was so good but very spicy!

After eating we took a stroll along lake Zurich and thought of what to do next and then out of no where it started to rain.

We headed back to the hotel and they had umbrellas something we forgot to pack, let me just say we were determined not to return to our room we then headed to the Gainsbourg bar another yelp find to have some cocktails and stay out of the rain.


Just a little side note Deon and I were so excited yet unprepared with the art of taking a million photos of ourselves while on vacation. There was so much to see and do, not to mention we we’re and still are in awe of just how beautiful the country of Switzerland is. We talked a few nights ago and both agree that were definitely going back and how we both need to step our photography game up. Next stop is St. Moritz……