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‘Everything Che’ is the day-to-day journaling of a HAIR STYLING Diva…me!

As your stylist, be it virtual or person to person, I love giving you advice. My top priority isn’t just hair its healthy hair! I love sharing my experiences with products and styles along with encouraging women from all walks of life through the common thread we all share – HAIR & BEAUTY.

This blog is just that – a place of encouragement, experiences, and everything me. It’s Everything Che.



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I’m a hairstylist with 14 years of experience; a salon owner for 6 years. I’ve always loved the beauty industry!

All products sold are my personal favorite along with be the go to products I use everyday in the salon.

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Join us as we recap our first year wedding anniversary in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico…

Resorts are for the lazy I’m serious and I mean that in a totally bougie way if you’ve taken a peep into our Switzerland trip this was the polar opposite of our 12 day every two day change cities with multiple train rides and excursions. Food is in no way short or hard to find at the Hyatt Ziva along with an array of variety. Every day we dinned somewhere different.


The african american history museum the must see of the century…

Continental Avenue the designated street in DC for any and every type of museum from American History to African American History and Culture our quick turn around trip full of food and fun was one that will definitely go down as a great getaway. Especially since we made it to the African American Museum! Check out my pictures which I’m glad to say have improved!


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